Regulations of the free draw with no obligation to buy organized by JEANNE LANVIN SA to win one of ten pairs of LANVIN sunglasses.

ARTICLE 1- Organization

The Company JEANNE LANVIN SA, 15 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré - 75008 PARIS, with corporate capital of 16,297,330.00 euros, registered in the commercial register (RCS) of Paris under number 612 048 629, hereinafter “LANVIN” or “Organizing Company”, is organizing a free draw with no obligation to buy entitled “Eyewear Draw”.

The draw is open from March 30th, 2021 to April 6th, 2021 (inclusive) to individuals who have filled in the data collection form from the sponsored form on Facebook/Instagram.

The ten winners of the competition will be rewarded with:

  • One of ten pairs of men’s or women’s sunglasses from LANVIN.

ARTICLE 2 - Participation

This draw is open to all adult natural persons residing in Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden and Luxembourg with the exception of paid employees of the Organizing Company, as well as members of their family (of the same name and address) and all people who have participated directly or indirectly in the design, execution or management of the draw.

Minors, even if emancipated, cannot participate in the present draw.

Participation in the draw entails the full and complete acceptance of the present regulations. Failure to comply with any of these conditions of participation stated will lead to the invalidation of the entry.

Only one entry per person shall be considered.

ARTICLE 3 - Terms and Conditions

3.1 Terms and conditions of announcing the draw

This draw will be announced on:

- LANVIN social media and in particular Facebook, Instagram (via a sponsored “lanvinofficial” post);

The regulations and conditions of participation in the draw may be perused at any time on

3.2 Terms and conditions of entering the draw

To enter the draw, participants will be invited to fill in the Facebook/Instagram form where they will provide at the minimum their surname, first name, date of birth, country of residence, email and consent to the terms of the draw. Participants will also be able to subscribe to the Lanvin newsletter to receive more of the latest news about the brand and products. Subscriptions to the newsletter can be canceled at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the footer of each newsletter.

Only forms submitted before midnight on April 6th 2021 will be considered for entry in the draw. Any entry submitted after this date and time will not be considered.

Entries that are incomplete, incomprehensible, inaccurate or do not respect the aforementioned terms and conditions cannot be considered and consequently the entry will be invalidated.

Since entry to the draw is done exclusively electronically, any registration via mail, telephone, fax or email will not be considered.

Entering the draw entails an honest attitude, meaning the absolute respect of regulations and the rights of other Players.

ARTICLE 4 - Provision

Ten pairs of men’s or women’s LANVIN sunglasses will be shared among ten winners drawn by a member of the LANVIN team (one pair each).

The liability of LANVIN is limited solely to supplying the prize. The winner undertakes not to hold LANVIN liable in relation to the prize.

The prize cannot be exchanged for another prize nor for its monetary value. Any fraudulent, false, dishonest, incorrect or inaccurate statement of identity or age will lead to the elimination of the entry.

Should the winner fail to meet the criteria of the present regulations, they will not receive their prize and it will remain the property of LANVIN.


ARTICLE 5 – Appointment of winners through a LANVIN panel

The draw will be carried out by the LANVIN Digital Director, hereinafter the “LANVIN panel”.

She will choose the ten names of the winners at random.

LANVIN’s decision will be final.

Prizes will be allocated as follows:

The ten participants drawn by the LANVIN panel will win the provision outlined in Article 5, i.e. a pair of LANVIN sunglasses, men's or women’s.

At the end of the draw, except in cases of force majeure and no later than May 6th, 2021, the winners will receive an email from JEANNE LANVIN and will each have to confirm their acceptance of the prize, within 5 days of the dispatch of the notification (date of email or valid postmark).

Upon failure to observe this validation, the winners will lose the benefit of their prize and the Organizing Company cannot be held liable. The prize will be allocated to a replacement winner.

The prize may not be the object of a cash refund, exchange, nor any compensation of any nature, and is not transferable.


ARTICLE 6 – Reimbursement of draw charges

Given that, in the current state of service and technical provision, certain internet providers offer a free or flat-rate connection to internet users, it is expressly agreed that any access to the site on a free or flat-rate basis will not be subject to any refund, as long as the subscription to the services of the internet provider is in this case contracted by the internet user for their general internet use and that the participant logging on to the Instagram of Facebook site to enter into the draw does not incur any additional fees or disbursement.

In the event of a fee-based connection billed proportionally by duration of connection, the connection charges on the website for entering the competition will be reimbursed using bank/postal account details, upon request of the participant sent within ten (10) days of the disbursement of these fees, with a valid postmark, within two months of receiving the participant’s request.

In the case of a connection being subject to a flat-rate payment for a defined duration and, beyond this duration, billed proportionally by duration of connection, the connection charges on the Instagram site and Website ( will also be reimbursed to the participant once it has been established that the participant exceeded the flat rate in place and that this flat rate has been exceeded due to connection to the Instagram site or Website (

To receive the reimbursement of the connection charges, as well as the postage costs of the reimbursement request, the participant should send a written request to LANVIN, on a separate piece of paper, with the following elements:

- their names, first name, personal mailing address

- the date, time and duration of their connection(s) to the site to enter the competition

- bank account details or postal account details

- the copy of the itemized bill from the telephone operator and/or internet provider with which they hold an account, with the dates and times of their connections to the site underlined.

All reimbursement requests containing the information and documents described hereinabove should be directed to LANVIN at the address provided in Article 1.

Participants who access the Instagram site or Website ( through a modem and by means of a telephone line billed proportionally by communication time or per call can also receive reimbursement of their connection charges.

The postage costs required for the request of reimbursement of connection charges will be reimbursed, upon request, based on the current regular postal rate.

ARTICLE 7 – Disputes and liability

Participation in this draw entails the unreserved acceptance of the regulations in their entirety.

Any inaccurate or dishonest statements, any fraud will lead to the disqualification of the participant

The Organizing Company will definitively settle all disputes related to the draw and its regulations. They will not respond to any telephone or written inquiries regarding the interpretation or application of the present regulations, the mechanisms or terms of the draw, as well as the list of winners. 

Any disputes or claims must be made in writing and cannot be considered beyond the period of one month from the closing date of the draw. Any practical difficulties in applying or interpreting the present regulations will be settled definitively by LANVIN in accordance with French legislation. These decisions will be final. All participants are informed and accept that all decisions made by LANVIN regarding the present regulations are definitive and final, and LANVIN will not be held liable to further indemnities or negotiations of any nature.

Any instances of fraud or failure to comply with the regulations may result in exclusion from the draw, LANVIN reserving the right, if necessary, to initiate legal proceedings against them.

LANVIN reserves the right, if the circumstances so require, to curtail, extend, modify or cancel the present draw. Consequently, they cannot be held liable.

Neither can they be held liable for the utilization, nay the trade of the prize by the winner.

Article 8 - Agreement of Proof

Although the draw is accessible on the Instagram and Facebook platforms, Instagram and Facebook can in no case be held liable in the event of disputes regarding the draw. Personal data collected during the draw is intended exclusively for LANVIN.

LANVIN cannot be held liable for any problems linked to the competition process, whether a human error, computer error, or an error of another nature. In particular, LANVIN will not be liable in the event of malfunction of the internet network or Instagram and Facebook applications, preventing access to the draw and/or its smooth functioning.

Participation in the draw entails the understanding and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the internet, particularly with regard to technical performance and malfunction, highly variable speeds, response times for consulting, examining or transferring information, the lack of protection of certain data against potential misappropriation.

Consequently, LANVIN and its partners cannot be held liable, without this list being exhaustive, for any possible server interruptions, data loss, the consequences of any computer viruses or bugs, for any technical failure having prevented or limited the possibility of participating in the draw.

The connection of any person to the website and the participation of said persons in the draw shall be subject to their sole liability.

Article 9 - Data Protection

The people whose names were chosen at random will be contacted via the email address provided in the entry form of the draw.

The information collected as part of the present draw is necessary for your participation.

When registering for the draw, participants can check an “opt-in” box to allow their data to be integrated into the LANVIN customer database and thus to receive the LANVIN newsletters.

In accordance with the French data protection legislation of January 6 1978 ("Informatique et libertés", No.78-17), all participants have the right to object to, access, change, rectify and erase personal information concerning them. Participants can exercise this right by written request addressed to the Organizing Company at the address referred to in Article 1 of the present regulations.

Article 10 - Complaints

All questions of the application or interpretation of the regulations, or any unforeseen issues that may arise during the draw will be settled definitively by the Organizing Company, the sole judge.

For any complaints, please contact: JEANNE LANVIN SA, 15, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré - 75008 PARIS.

The present Regulations are subject to French law. Any difficulties regarding the application, interpretation or consequences of the present regulations will be settled by the relevant court.