Nestled in the heart of Paris, on the 3rd floor of 15 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, is a world of excellence and sophistication with expertise dating back nearly a hundred years. Since 1926, bespoke suits and shirts have been crafted here, by appointment only, for men of taste from all over the world.

Men’s bespoke

A unique experience

The Lanvin man is discreet yet demanding; he loves the beautiful and the handmade. He’s a loyal man who appreciates the simplicity and perfection of a high-end tailoring service. The passion, expertise, and respect for tradition and this heritage creates a unique experience.

An exceptional moment

From the moment he walks through the door of the elegant, exclusive bespoke boutique, a relationship of trust in service of excellence is established between the client and Lanvin. After a smooth and easy welcome, the client enters a warm, private space, where he is surrounded by the best artisans in the profession.


A privileged confidant, the master tailor puts all of his expertise at the service of the client, to whom only the most elegant cuts, the most refined fabrics, and the most precise finishes are presented. At Lanvin, the tailoring embodies the excellence of a bespoke product crafted meticulously and with mastery, down to the smallest details.

Men’s bespokeMen’s bespoke

At bespoke, nothing is impossible

From the first sketches to the final fitting, the client is guided step-by-step by sound advice from our master tailor and shirtmaker, whose sole mission is to bring his wishes to life.

The expectations

Infinitely customizable, the bespoke product must perfectly meet the client’s expectations. Involved throughout the entire creation process, the client chooses the style, fabrics, and finishes of his perfect design from among the offerings of the master tailor, who guides him with valuable advice.

The fabrics

Assuring the perfect drape and most sublime movement, selecting fabrics is an extremely important step in creating a bespoke piece. Depending on his needs and wishes, the client can choose from among 20,000 exceptional fabrics, provided by the most talented suppliers, in an almost infinite range of colors.

Men’s bespokeMen’s bespokeMen’s bespoke
Men’s bespokeMen’s bespokeMen’s bespoke

The measurements

Taking measurements, which is performed by the master tailor or master shirtmaker, is a painstaking yet key step. Whether around the waist, shoulders, neck, or wrist, there are many precise measurements to take in order to create a unique pattern adapted to the client’s body, all the way down to the millimeter.

The fittings

From the first toile to the finished product, three fittings are necessary in order to create a Lanvin bespoke design. A guarantee of excellence and a flawless fit, these steps are needed to make sure the garment falls the right way, to perform essential alterations, and to work on the finishing touches in pursuit of perfection.

The delivery

Finally, after many hours of exceptional work by hand, Lanvin delivers its bespoke craftsmanship—dating back nearly a hundred years—all over the world.

Inimitable craftsmanship

Each bespoke Lanvin design is handcrafted in a dedicated atelier in the heart of Paris. The creation of each of these exceptional pieces requires several fields of expertise and many years of experience and mastery. This heritage is shared by a team of ten passionate textile artisans with unique knowledge of their craft.

Men’s bespoke
Men’s bespokeMen’s bespoke

Discover the atelier

Under the direction of the master tailor, the craftsmen who create pants, jackets, and buttonholes, add the finishing touches, and assemble the garments bring the client’s wishes to life in a serene, studious atmosphere. Each design phase corresponds to a trade whose age-old expertise today is still passed down to the apprentices within the atelier, a passing of the torch dear to Lanvin that aims to ensure the tradition of French excellence endures ever onward.


Six to eight weeks of production and 90 hours of meticulous expert work are needed to create a bespoke Lanvin suit. When a man admires the label bearing the “Lanvin, 15 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris” signature on his jacket collar, he knows he has without a doubt won the game of ultimate elegance.



By appointment only
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Men’s bespoke
Men’s bespoke
Men’s bespoke