Gallery Dept x Lanvin
Gallery Dept x Lanvin
Gallery Dept x Lanvin


The artist cleverly combines his creativity, streetwear culture and passion for retro fashion with iconic pieces by Bruno Sialelli, Lanvin’s Creative Director. 

Gallery Dept X Lanvin Sweatshirt
Gallery Dept X Lanvin Curb
Gallery Dept X Lanvin Jacket
Lanvin x Gallery Dept Leather Goods
Lanvin x Gallery Dept Bags
Lanvin x Gallery Dept Tshirt
Lanvin x Gallery Dept Scarf
Lanvin x Gallery Dept Bumper


Gallery Department is reinventing Bruno Sialelli’s signature pieces.

Artist and founder of Gallery Department Josué Thomas has designed a limited edition capsule collection for Lanvin with signature items such as the “Mother and Child” printed t-shirt, twisted jeans and the asymmetric striped shirt.

In his workshop in Los Angeles, Josué drew inspiration for his new designs from Lanvin’s sneakers: Clay, Curb and BumpR.

The Lanvin logo t-shirts and hoodies are splattered with paint, the polo shirts are now stamped with the Gallery Department name and the kraft paper bags have taken on new colours

Gallery Dept x Lanvin